Crisis Management & Communication

Crisis Management & Communication

Something’s gone wrong? Potential PR disaster? Relax!
We’ll move quickly and efficiently to show your company in the best possible light with our Crisis Management service.


Crisis Management – we’re all vulnerable

Every company can be vulnerable to a crisis. Yes – even yours! Whatever the nature or degree of crisis, from minor hiccup to full-blown disaster, your needs are the same – a response that’s fast, unflustered and balanced. Get it wrong – and the results could be terminal for your business. Get it right – and your misfortune will quickly fade from the public’s mind. Your brand may even enjoy a positive boost.


Prevention is better than cure

At Provence PR, we follow the maxim – prevention is better than cure. We’ll work with you to identify potential issues and pitfalls before they happen and then do all we can to mitigate the risk of them becoming reality. In the event that a crisis should develop, we take a holistic approach – addressing each of your communication platforms. We communicate with your teams and supply chains, briefing them on the agreed approach. We then pro-actively deal with the issue head-on, working smoothly, quickly and calmly to minimise the negative and accentuate the positive.

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